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Salvage Project

Posted on: 26 August 2014

Salvage Project

ISEAS successfully completed salvage of a supply vessel from the seabed at Port Khalid, Sharjah. The Project was carried out during 2nd week of August 2014 using salvage lifting equipment and heavy duty lift air bags with the assistance of the port supplied tug & cranes.

The vessel “SEA GULF” was raised from the seabed and moved from its laid position under a rig where it had settled beneath after sinking.

The vessel was then brought to the surface and moved to the quay side with assistance of the port supplied tug, where supporting strops were attached to the vessel by divers, working in conjunction with rigging and crane operators.  

After securing the vessel to the cranes at the quay side, salvage pump was installed by ISEAS team to remove sea water from the hull, and have the vessel free floating on the surface next to the quay wall.  The hull was than inspected by the dive team and a hole in the hull was found and plugged with a temporary wooden wedge to make the hull watertight, the remaining water was then pumped out. Once the vessel was afloat on its own all the rigging was then removed prior to handing over the vessel to the Client/Owners. 

ISEAS dive team and the Port personnel worked in unison to bring a successful and safe conclusion to this salvage project, allowing the Port to be once again fully functional.