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ISEAS Acquire small inspection class ROV's

Posted on: 23 July 2014

ISEAS Acquire small inspection class ROV's

To broaden the spectrum of its ROV services ISEAS recently introduced two small inspection class ROV’s into its ROV department.

Video Ray Pro 4 MIL & Video Ray Scout X3 have been added to cater for the need of onshore organizations such as Desalination & Power Plants, Hotels, Sewerages Treatment Plants, Fish Farms etc.. for Internal Inspection of Pipelines, Water Intake Units & Tanks etc.

The pro 4 MIL is the more powerful & versatile submarine unit which has a proven record for subsea inspections. ISEAS aims to utilize its Pro 4 for any inshore/near-shore/offshore subsea inspection projects.

With the ROV industry growing, ISEAS' expansion plan of its ROV section includes additional Work Class ROV’s to support the local and more global Oil & Gas industries.